Dr. Franz-Josef Sladeczek

Born in Germany in 1954; has resided in Berne since 1981; from an art-historian and art-collector family.

Has been married with art historian Eva Wiederkehr (director of the Archives at the Paul Klee Center in Berne) from Thun since 1986; they have two children.

Studied art history at the universities in Bonn, Marburg, Giessen and Berne. Doctorate in 1986 about the Cathedral in Berne; research grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (1989–1992).

Years of activity in teaching and research, in archeology and monument preservation, with museum projects, adult education as well as in art trade were followed by the decision work as an independent art historian.

 Art advisory services for investment managers and estate administrators, insurance companies, government offices and legal institutions, companies, foundations, organizations, public institutions as well as private persons.

2001 founding ARTexperts GmbH, firm for independent art advisory services.

2007 – the founding of ARTcurators (Dr. Franz-Joself Sladeczek) GmbH 
 The company is specialized in the management of art collections and art estates. The concept of an Archive for Art Estates is in the process of being developed.

 Rich publications centering around «collecting art and aspects of planning for the future of one’s art works».

Recent publications: Franz-Josef Sladeczek, Andreas Müller, «Sammeln & Bewahren. Das Handbuch zur Kunststiftung» [Collecting and Preserving. A handbook for art foundations.] (2009); Franz-Josef Sladeczek, Sandra Sykora, «After Collecting. Leitfaden für den Kunstnachlass» [a practical guide for an art collection legacy] (2013).

After Collecting is the fifth book publication of Franz-Josef Sladeczek. Additional publications (articles, interviews) can be found under Publications.