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Yearly Report - Jahresbericht 2018

The Handbook for Art Foundations (2009) is now followed by a new publication regarding art management. 

In collaboration with Sandra Sykora, attorney and art historian, the book «After Collecting», a «practical guide for an art collection inheritance», is now published by rüffer & rub. It treats topics such as tax issues, estate inventory and appraisal, estate archive and evaluation.

The book is conceived for all interested in questions regarding the future of private collections and legacy issues: artists and collectors, testators and beneficiaries, executors and trustees, bankers and fiduciaries, art organizations and foundations, auction houses and galleries as well as museums.

The book inauguration was first hold in the Museum Goch, where the authors have been interviewed by Dr. Stephan Mann, director of the Museum Goch, and Mister Felix Getzi, project leader and lector of the publisher rüffer&rub. In Switzerland the book was inaugurated the 12 november 2013 at the publishers location in Zurich. 

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